May 14, 2022 2 min read

Sustainability is a lifestyle that we have to work towards in small and effective ways, soour team thought it would be fun to let you in on some of the ways we’ve upcycled our old bottles back into our daily routines at home!

Before we begin, let's talk about upcycling and why when it occurs collectively across the world, it leads to fewer greenhouse emissions, pollution and land degradation. Upcycling is the process of taking something that’s no longer needed or worn out, and repurposing it into something new, stylish and even useful again. The practice of upcycling on an individual to industrial-scale has the potential to decrease the number of manufactured materials and their waste products, due to less demand for new products by consumers. Furthermore, upcycling prevents the excessive use of raw materials in production lines, as it is suggested to be more affordable in processes that can make use of preexisting recyclable materials such as plastics!

Upcycling makes for a great project that will not only grow your creativity but also show you how simple leading a greener and cleaner life can be! 

For the mums with messy kids
You're in luck, our old Keeper bottle makes for a durable and mess-free alternative in your bathrooms for a toothbrush holder or even a bathtime toy! You won’t need to worry about broken bottles or replacing worn-out toys because the Keeper bottles are a safe and non-toxic option. They also happen to float, so why not make them into boats and turn your little one’s bedtime routine into a fun activity!

For the aspiring interior designers
If you haven't already noticed, The Daily Routine prides itself on making sure our bottles remain stylish and luxurious. So, if you are looking to refurbish or invest in smaller decor pieces for your home; the rustic and eclectic style of our older keeper bottles makes for the perfect and cost-free addition. Try using them as small vases or even candle holders.

For the lazy but eco-friendly wannabe
We’ve all been here before, sometimes upcycling can seem like it takes up too much time and effort. That’s why reusing our bottles in your shower or laundry rooms to refill with other products is your easiest and most effortless option. What could be simpler? After all, it makes for an indefinitely cost-effective solution. Even try refilling with dishwashing liquid for a much more stylish sink plus the added bonus of the easy pump top!

We can't wait to see what you guys choose to do with your old bottles at home! Use our hashtag #upcycleyourdailyroutine and tag us so we can feature your upcycled bottles on our Instagram story. 

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