May 20, 2022 2 min read

We have partnered with our fairy godmothers over at Trace to help us give back to our planet. At Trace, they actively seek to offset the carbon footprint of for-purpose brands, such as The Daily Routine, by helping us fund certified climate projects that benefit the environment and support UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our partnership with them will allow us to live up to our promise of providing honest, eco-luxe necessities on repeat; without our customers having to worry about their ecological footprints, as we try our best to make eco-friendly living effortless for you.

Our Responsibility
To ensure we continue our ethical, eco-friendly practices to sustain our carbon-neutral model that promotes all areas of corporate social responsibility and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Actions
So goes the classic saying ‘actions speak louder than words, we made sure we started off on the right foot by partnering up with our friends over at Trace. By understanding the impacts we as a brand have on the environment during our manufacturing processes; it offers us the opportunity to offset our emissions by reinvesting company profits back into their portfolio of climate projects worldwide. As two female-led and owned brands, both The Daily Routine and Trace aim to collaborate by not only supporting and funding these initiatives but by also educating our communities about the importance of sustainability.

Our Impact 
Whether you are an animal lover or an advocate for clean energy, The Daily Routine has chosen to support a diverse range of initiatives to offset our carbon footprint, which you can learn more about on our profile on Trace’s website.

We meant it when we said we aim to highlight transparency in our business, so the impact we’ve achieved alongside our partners at Trace can be monitored by you; just one of the ways we want to say thank you for supporting us.

Our products are just the starting line of the difference that can be made for the health and sustainability of our futures. When you support our brand, you work with all of us to make a collective impact on our world …  your world. 

Our Promises
To Highlight Transparency - As an innovative and impactful brand, making sure we hold ourselves accountable in the production of our products and their environmental impact is important to us. 

To Share with Authenticity - We believe honesty is the way to everyone’s hearts! The Daily Routine is known for our unapologetic sense of humour and candidness with our consumers, in the process of creating a brand for the planet and its people.

To Showcase Eco-Friendly Luxury -  Whoever said you can't achieve both, definitely has not met the team behind our brand. We want our consumers to always know that you do not have to compromise on aesthetics or quality when it comes to investing in eco-friendly products and lifestyles.

To Minimise Plastic Waste - After all this was how The Daily Routine’s Story began. It was born with the end goal to ultimately minimise the use of plastic waste and products in our households. Our pods and bottles prove that zero waste and plastic-free products can have a seamless transition into our everyday life.

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