November 09, 2022 2 min read

Why You Should Boycott The Black And Back The Green

The weekend of November 25th is one of the most polluting periods of the year. 

Black Friday is so popular and demanding that it has now expanded to the weekend, to meet the needs and demands of consumers, wanting deals that are incredibly cheap and often hard to resist. Yet the question remains; how often are you buying household products just because it’s on sale? 

Alarmingly, Australian shoppers mindlessly click and impulse buy products which leads to over consumerism and eventual waste. Last year,  Aussie shoppers spent $3.8 million during the Black Friday weekend.  This excessive consumerism has severe consequences on our environment.  Although overconsumption can’t be solved overnight, there are ways we can implement changes into our shopping habits so that we can contribute to a better planet.


What is Green Friday?

The Green Friday movement focuses on being more eco-friendly and mindful when shopping throughout the craze of Black Friday. It’s no secret Australians have an issue with over consumerism, understanding that  90% of Australian households have unwanted or unused items”.  So instead of mindlessly buying products because the deal is “too good” to resist, take a moment and think about how often you’ll use the product and whether you actually need it. 

Here is The Daily Routine’s Guide to shop Consciously this Green Friday:

  1. Ask yourself: Do I really need this? How often will I wear/use this item?
  2. Think Quality over Quantity. 
  3. Support sustainable brands (like ours!) 
  4. Shop local and support smaller, Aussie brands.


How The Daily Routine is contributing to the Green Friday Movement:

Here at The Daily Routine we aim to create a greener space for our customers to shop. 

We have designed a more sustainable alternative to everyday essentials that will fall easily into your daily routine. Our products stem from the idea that having an eco-lifestyle can be luxurious and inexpensive. Minimising plastic waste is a step towards creating a happier and healthier planet, so by using our hand soap, customers are avoiding excessive waste and making kinder choices in their everyday lives. Shopping consciously is an easy step to improving Australia’s consumer habits and supporting this movement is the right step towards a more eco-friendly future.

Green Friday is an opportunity for old and new customers to embark on their sustainability journey. So become a part of our community and shop our zero-waste and plastic-free products! 

Not only do we want our customers to go green this November (and beyond!), but we also want to see other sustainable brands being supported.

Here are some of our fave brands that are doing their bit:

  • Nala - inclusive underwear
  • Rocc - natural toothpaste
  • Twoobs - vegan shoes
  • Afends - sustainable street wear
  • TOM Organic - organic feminine hygiene
  • Patagonia - sustainable outdoor wear
  • Woohoo Body - natural deodorant
  • Magpie Goose - ethical clothing
  • Or just head to Banish to shop all your fave eco-brands (including The Daily Routine!) in one place

Instead of falling into the trap of impulsive buying, join the Green Friday movement with us this November. 

As a special note just for you, we’ll be getting in early this month with our Green Friday offer so keep those clean eyes of yours peeled. 😉

Shop Smart, Shop Green in your Daily Routine!

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