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Our pods are made from a water-soluble and biodegradable film PVOH (polyvinyl alcohol). PVOH is safe, environmentally friendly, odourless, biodegradable and non-toxic. 

Please don’t try to eat them. Each pod dissolves in water without generating any micro or nano plastics.

Our pods are good for up to two years if kept in a cool and dry place!

We suggest storing the pods inside our keeper tin. Make sure you keep the tin in a cool, dry place.

How to Use

We recommend using 2 pods per bottle to ensure enough lather and stronger scent, however some people find that 1 is more delicate.

Whilst we recommend using our 450ml bottle, ours pod will also work with a bottle that is smaller than that. If your bottle is larger than 450ml, then we advise that you use 3+ pods.

Nope. Our pods are designed to be used with a foam pump to ensure a rich lathery result.

Do not use boiling water as the bottle may melt. The water must be hot enough so that the entirety of the pod dissolves. We suggest you turn your kitchen/bathroom tap to hot and wait for it to heat up to its hottest temperature. (Please place a bucket underneath so you don’t waste any valuable water!)

The short answer - up to the fill line located in the bottle. It sits at about 370ml. Do not fill the bottle to the top as you need to leave some room for the pod to work its magic once it begins to dissolve.

Firstly, make sure that the lid is left off before you shake (this is super important). And then we wait… Yep, the recommended time to wait is AT LEAST 1 minute. Any less time than this and the pod may not fully dissolve.

If you have followed our instructions and the water was hot enough and you waited patiently for 1 minute, then you should only need to shake the bottle for 10-15 seconds, until the pods have fully dissolved. We repeat - make sure the pods have fully dissolved.

That’s okay, just fish it out. Lesson learned for your next drop, make sure that the water is hot enough and/or you wait the full 1 minute before shaking!

Check to see that there is no film stuck in the pump’s airway. If there is soft film there, remove it and rinse the straw. Lesson learned for your next drop, make sure that the water is hot enough and/or you wait the full 1 minute before shaking!
If it is still not working, you are welcome to order a replacement pump, at no cost, here:

Shipping + Returns

We are an Australian-based company that ships worldwide! Please note that the shipping costs to each country vary. The cost will be shown at checkout upon selection.

All import duties, taxes and charges are unable to be included in the item, shipping and handling costs. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with the customs office in the destination country to determine what these additional costs will be before proceeding with purchase.

Yes we do. Currently we offer free shipping on orders over $50 AUD to Australia only.

Australia - typically, our orders find their way to you in about 6-8 business days
New Zealand - approx 10-20 business days

North America, Western Europe, Asia and the Pacific - approx 21-28 business days

Rest of the world - approx 25-30 business days
You can track your order by using your unique tracking code sent to your email after your order has been made.

Once your order is dispatched you will receive an email with your unique tracking number and a link to the website where you can track your order.

Unfortunately, we cannot change any order information once your order has been processed. Please ensure the correct postcode is entered and if you are in an office building, please add your company name to avoid your package being sent back to us.

If your package has been 'stuck in transit' for longer than expected please let us know so we can lodge a 'missing package investigation'. Every missing package will be assigned a unique case number and can take up to 2-4 weeks to locate.

If the package was delayed due to an incorrect or incomplete address, the item should be returned to us. To have this package re-sent to the correct address, you will need to pay the postage fee again.

You should receive an order confirmation once you have placed and paid for your order. If for any reason the payment didn’t go through, we will send you an email to let you know and give you some easy payment options.

If you have any issues with your order, please email and our customer team will be able to help you.

Yep, our 30-day money back guarantee is true!
We think our products are beautiful, and we think you will love them too. But, if your new pods are leaving you unhappy for any reason, please let our team know so that we can offer you a refund. Please include your order number so we can efficiently handle your concern. 

We don't accept any returns for sanitary reasons, but we would really appreciate it if you would consider donating any unwanted or unused products. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

We’re happy to help. You can email us anytime at